The Dangers of Cell Phone Use While Driving

Cell phones are such a convenient part of modern life, and we get used to having them in our hands at all times. Responding immediately to bosses, colleagues, clients, friends and family often seems highly important. Unfortunately, because of this, cell phones are also now one of the main causes of car accidents.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), out of every four car accidents, one of them is related to cell phone use. Cell phone usage in moving vehicles causes more than 500,000 injuries and 200 fatalities every year. Whether it be looking at GPS on a cell phone, or talking and texting while driving, cell phones and cars do not mix well.

Distraction Kills

Cell phones cause distraction in ways that captivate drivers so much that they cause car accidents. It takes less than a second for an accident to occur, and even quick glances away from the road mixed with a hand off the wheel is a recipe for disaster. When a distracted driver realizes that they are about to get into an accident (if they get that chance), they tend to slam on their brakes or make sudden movements with their steering wheel. Reaction time is poor.

Text messaging and e-mailing while driving are no better than talking on the phone. In fact, these activities are sometimes more dangerous that using one’s voice alone. When a driver is texting or creating an e-mail while in motion, even if they are exceptional typists, they are more than likely going to look down for a moment or two. Taking one’s eyes off the road is a sure way of increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Creating video messages or taking photos is a horrible idea when one is driving. Taking photos and making videos requires one’s attention to come off the road. Filming and photographing is best saved for when the car is in park and somewhere safe off the road.

High Likelihood of Liability

If a person causes an accident because they were using a cell phone, then they are going to be the one that is responsible for all of the damage that they caused. Certain states prohibit the use of handheld devices altogether while in a vehicle, though punishments vary.

The rules of the road, so to speak, indicate that all drivers have a duty to look out for all other drivers. Negligence is what breeds car accidents. The driver responsible then needs to compensate the victims for all the issues they have caused.

A Very Expensive Accident

Damages that one can be held accountable for when considered a negligent driver for using a cellular device are vast. Everything from damage to vehicles to damage to the contents of vehicles at the time of the accident are potential costs. Damages also include the medical bills of victims.

Some victims may seek additional compensation for the mental trauma and pain that an accident put them through. It is therefore imperative to talk to a lawyer experienced in this field. Our network of experienced accident lawyers can assist you. Call us at: 855-272-6990.

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