Overview of Motorcycle Accidents

Many people enjoy riding motorcycles as they provide a freedom on the road that other vehicles don’t provide. However, they are especially at risk for more serious accidents when and if they occur. The following article provides an overview of what is typically involved in a motorcycle accident and what you can do if you are ever involved in one.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents
Many times driver’s do not realize that motorcycles are riding close by to their vehicles. When they do finally see the motorcycle, it can be too late to avoid an accident. Some reasons that can cause a collision include distraction, cell phone use such as texting, switching the radio station, using hands to eat and drive at the same time, fatigue, reflex delay, intoxication, road rage, and driver inexperience.

Another cause of motor cycle accidents is due to driver’s not following traffic laws. This can include the failure to yield the right of way, improper lane changes, running through red lights or stop signs and not using traffic signal lights.

Injuries Related to Motorcycles
Motorcycle injuries can be very dangerous and even life threatening as motorcyclists are fully exposed and not protected by the hood of a car. If a car knocks a motorcyclist off his or her bike, they will slam directly into the pavement. The impact from a motorcycle accident can be severe enough to traumatize the internal body organs of the motorcyclist. Soft tissue injuries can include scrapes, bruises, cuts, lacerations and abrasions. They can also include sprained or torn ligaments, muscles and tendons.

Broken bones are also injuries typically incurred during a motorcycle collision as the motorist hits the pavement or slams against any physical objects. Fractures of the wrists, pelvis and hip can also occur.

Many accidents involving motorcycles usually are the result of negligent driving. When negligent driving results in injuries, this can be considered a breach or violation of the motorists duty of care or obligation to the other driver. When the negligent driving comes from another driver, the motorist can seek compensation for his or her injuries and any related expenses associated with the accident such as medical bills and missed days of work due to injuries.

Accidents Due to Motorcycle Defects
Some accidents involving motorcycles can be due to defects in the design of the actual motorcycle. If this is the case, then the company that planned or designed the motorcycle could be at fault. This would involve product liability. If the accident was due to a defect in the manufacturing of the vehicle, it was the deviation of the intended design that caused the accident.

What to Do in the Event of a Motorcycle Accident?
If you are a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. Follow the procedures that would typically occur in a motorcycle accident involving other people. If you are injured, you may want to seek the help of an experienced accident attorney who can explain to you what other compensation you may be eligible for.

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