What to do in Case of a Truck Accident

Commercial trucks are the backbone of the economy in the US. Getting into an accident with a truck is always a scary event, the weight of the heaviest family vehicle is easily dwarfed by that of the smallest commercial truck.

Strenuous considerations aside, an accident with a commercial truck has particular details involved in the consideration of claims and damages for potential injury victims. This article explores basic information on what to do and expect in case you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation.

Steps to Take in a Truck Accident

These steps are a necessary measure any time you are involved in an accident, especially one with a commercial truck:

•    If you are injured, seek medical attention immediately.
•    Call the police and report the accident immediately.
•    File a police report and get a copy of that report.
•    Provide the basic details of the accident.
•    Call your insurance company and inform them of the accident.

What’s different in a truck accident?

Depending on your state’s fault laws, you may or may not need to establish who is at fault for the accident to promote your claim, and, because of the low maneuverability of trucks, drivers of these types of vehicles are often given a little leeway when it comes to establishing fault.

The following are some points that can be used to defend truck drivers in the event of an accident:

•    Driving left of center into opposing traffic.
•    Unsafe passing.
•    Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
•    Following too closely.
•    Improper merging in front of a truck.

Even if the accident is your fault (in any measure) you are likely to receive compensation for your injuries from your insurance company.

Compensation, who pays?

Most times, commercial companies need to comply with mandatory state regulations regarding insurance. These regulations establish the limits of compensation and remedy for any claims filed, and sometimes, manage the funds for compensation.

Your most likely source of compensation will be your and the company’s insurance companies. Most commercial trucks have liability insurance for drivers.

Handling your own claim

If the accident resulted in no fatalities and only minor injuries and property damage, you may be able to file a claim with your insurance company or the truck’s insurance company.

Filing a claim does not necessarily mean you will be justly compensated, and considering your adversaries, it is recommended that you obtain the services of a qualified attorney to do so.

Should I hire a lawyer?

In 2004 alone, over 110,000 people were injured in trucking accidents. 91% of the deaths of accidents between cars and trucks cause fatalities among the car drivers and passengers*.

The laws in most states have clear justification in these and other statistics, meaning commercial companies are forced to operate their vehicles safely and be covered by insurance.

Most of the times, a claim for compensation for injuries will end up in the hands of a defense attorney on the part of the insurance company or the commercial company, so it is very important to work with an experienced attorney.

Most attorneys offer free consultations and will gladly aid you in establishing the basics of your claim, as well as defend your interests in front of the commercial company and their insurance.

Our network of experienced accident attorneys can assist you. Call us at: 855-272-6990.


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